Waxed Canvas DIY

It's no secret that we prefer the look and feel of natural fibers around here, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I am always looking for natural solutions to staying somewhat dry in the winter. (Psst! Wool has some very naturally water-resistant properties!) I've been wanting to try my hand at waterproofing our canvas YKRA backpacks with wax for a while now, and since this has been the wettest, coldest winter to date in Oregon (which is not really that cold, but is really really wet) It seemed like the perfect time to try!

Many types of wax that are available for...

Sashiko Mending

Here, Jenny shows us her loveliest technique yet! This type of stitching works well for all woven textiles, and is especially well suited to denim and twill. We happily sport Sashiko mending on our vintage jeans, kimonos, and work jackets, and think it's the perfect application for your little one's well-loved clothes too! xx

Mending Holes

Kids play hard.  After years of being handed down from child to child, even the sturdiest clothing can develop wear and tear.  Before fabric production was industrialized in Japan, cloth was precious and garments were lovingly cared for and mended with beautiful Sashiko stitching.  Inspired by this...

Replacing a Button

Jenny Gordy from Shop Wiksten has done it again with a super helpful and thorough tutorial on replacing buttons! If a garment loses a button, it's so easy to set it aside and either forget to fix it or feel like you're not up to the task. Here, Jenny will talk you through, step-by-step, to perform the best damn button replacement you've ever seen, if you do say so yourself! Even veteran sewers may get a few great tips from this one. xx

Replacing a Button-
Life happens, and sometimes a well-loved garment will lose a button.  There's no reason...

Letting out a Hem

We've partnered up with Jenny Gordy, the talented designer, pattern maker, and all around lovely person from Wiksten to bring you a tutorial that will help increase the longevity of your kids clothes. This is a key part of our philosophy at ARQ, and we hope it will inspire you to rethink whether or not it's time to give up on a garment. We believe that a simple, deliberate lifestyle with fewer, better things makes time and space for richer experiences and deeper relationships. Don't be intimidated if you are a non-sewer! Making small adjustments to well made clothes can be so...

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